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The development of the domestic mold industry will get rid of "big but not strong"

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With the acceleration of industrialization in China, the mold industry has also developed rapidly. China has also become a big mold producing country. The number of domestic mold manufacturers has increased to more than 20,000, and the number of employees is about 1 million. The annual output value of molds has reached 55 billion yuan. However, China's mold machine industry is still "big but not strong." Although China's mold industry is now known as the world's "manufacturing power" with huge annual import and export volume, it is relatively concentrated in the low-end and mid-end areas due to factors such as technical talents. Therefore, the high-end market is for the domestic mold enterprises, the economy. The temptation is undoubtedly huge.
The mold industry experts said that in recent years, China's mold industry has continued to develop, but at the same time there are many problems that need to be solved. China's mold industry has been busy expanding, thus neglecting market research and understanding customer needs, resulting in high-end molds becoming the shortcomings of China's mold industry. Most of the high-end molds required by the Chinese market rely on imports, while domestically, there are a large number of mold products out of the warehouse. No door, a lot of squeeze, causing a serious mismatch between supply and demand.
At present, many abrasives manufacturers have already realized this problem. Many people in the industry believe that using the Internet will become the best way to solve the development difficulties of the mold industry. Industry experts believe that in the development of the traditional mold industry, the mismatch between supply and demand is the main problem in the development of the industry. The source of this problem lies in the barrier between the enterprise and the market. The supply and demand sides do not actively communicate, resulting in the products produced by the enterprise often cannot To meet the market demand for products, whether in terms of type, technology, or quantity, is not matched with the market, then the situation of “big but not strong” in the development of the industry will arise naturally.
The mold industry and Internet companies can not only help the mold manufacturing enterprises to bridge the communication between the big prison market, but also expand sales channels for enterprises, reduce operating costs, increase profit margins, and promote industrial development. Zhang Huan, head of Taizhou Huangyan Yongsheng Mould Co., Ltd., said that the mold industry can only help the company to correctly grasp the market development trend and seize the industry opportunities if it is combined with the development of the Internet. Because the Internet is the fastest medium for information dissemination, the relevant big data obtained through the network platform can help enterprises understand the market's demand for the types and related quantities of mold products, and help the company's rational production to make important guidance while passing the network. Platform, the effect of promoting products is obvious, and the product backlog will also improve.
In fact, many traditional industries that have problems in development have realized the successful reform of the industry with the help of the Internet. The current mold industry and the Internet are still in the initial stage of exploration. The industry platform “Mold” based on the Internet has been launched soon. Zhang Huan said that with the deep integration of the mold industry and the Internet, China's mold industry development will get rid of the label of “big but not strong” and develop towards “big and strong”.

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