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Smart molds emerged under the impetus of modern science and technology

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The market of metal molds has grown, and mold industry parks have been established all over the country. The road to the development of China's mold industry has become obvious. The mid-to-high-end products have basically achieved the upgrade and leap from being unable to do so, and the economic scale has grown rapidly from small to large. Smart molds have also emerged as a result of the power of modern technology.
Mold is the basic process equipment for industrial production and is called the mother of industry. As a basic industry of the national economy, molds involve machinery, automobiles, light industry, electronics, chemicals, metallurgy, building materials and other industries, and the application range is very wide. With the continuous development of information technology, the concept of intelligence has gradually penetrated into all walks of life and all aspects of our lives. The high-end equipment manufacturing industry and the production of power-assisting mold enterprises, which are one of the products represented by smart molds, will strongly support the rapid development of China's high-end equipment parts manufacturing and other fields. Compared with traditional molds, smart molds have obvious advantages such as high technical content, high added value of products, long service life, wide application range and large market space.
Although the current total amount of smart molds in China is still small, it represents a new development direction of mold technology, and will play an increasingly important role in the adjustment of industrial product structure and the transformation of development methods. The development of intelligent molds will inevitably play a powerful role in promoting the rapid improvement of the entire mold industry. Therefore, it is especially necessary to give priority to the development of smart molds in the development of the industry.
In terms of the current development of China's mold industry, the level of production of intelligent molds is still in its infancy, but we can foresee that the future will develop into a highly intelligent level of intelligent shaping with sensing, analysis, decision-making and execution functions. equipment. In strategic emerging industries, large, sophisticated, efficient, and high-performance molds will continue to expand their use and functionality, increasing their added value and reliability. In order to realize the development of intelligent molds to drive the improvement of the overall level of high-efficiency, precision and high-performance molds, the goal of strengthening the world's molds will be realized as soon as possible.

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