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The numerical control of mold equipment has become an important development trend

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China is gradually moving from a large-scale CNC mold manufacturing country to a mold manufacturing power. As far as the domestic market is concerned, the mold industry has two booms in production and demand, and the enthusiasm for corporate investment is high. The technological innovation projects and new projects with large numerical control are constantly appearing. Some places are still developing mold complexes and virtual manufacturing, which also have some advantages similar to cluster production.
In recent years, with the development of the economy and the continuous improvement of industrial technology, the trend of numerical control in China's industrial field has gradually become apparent. Numerical control is the focus of the industrial development in the industrial field and the inevitable trend of industrial development. With the continuous improvement of technology, CNC technology will gradually become popular in mold machinery and equipment.
The NC generation equipment innovation project is to promote the application of digital control technology in various types of equipment, integrate and innovate a batch of numerical control equipment, realize the upgrading of equipment performance and function, and then promote the transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing. As early as the beginning of 2011, eight academicians put forward the proposal on implementing the “Digital Generation First Generation Machinery Product Innovation Application Demonstration Project”, which was highly valued by relevant state departments. In the first half of 2012, the “Digital Generation First Generation Machinery Product Innovation Application Demonstration Project” was released and implemented. In this context, the "CNC Generation Equipment Innovation Engineering Action Plan" was released soon. The development of CNC generation equipment manufacturing has been clearly visible. In the past, the importance of numerical control in 2013 has become more and more important. In the future industrial development, CNC machinery is inevitably the most important aspect.
The "Plan" shows that in order to achieve the goal, five major actions will be organized and implemented: CNC technology development and promotion service platform construction, CNC technology development and industrialization, CNC equipment integration innovation, CNC equipment demonstration and promotion, CNC equipment technical specifications and standard system construction. . Among them, PLC, man-machine interface, control software, inverter, servo drive, energy-saving motor and other automation technologies are the key development targets, and will enjoy the policy rain.
Among them, we must first improve the quality and reliability of a wide range of general-purpose programmable controllers, human-machine interface devices, integrated controllers and software packages.
Secondly, it is necessary to strengthen the development of professional application software and hardware combined with the manufacturing process of typical industries to meet the needs of the development of CNC equipment in the industry.
Focus on the development of servo drives and motors required for various numerical control devices, such as digital servo control systems, network distributed servo systems and other servo drive devices, energy-saving motors and variable frequency motors.
Focus on the development of high-power, high-performance variable frequency speed control system, traction frequency conversion speed control device and special speed control frequency conversion speed control device.
Focus on textile machinery, plastics and rubber processing machinery, small and medium-sized machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, printing machinery, packaging machinery, food processing machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, energy-efficient products, etc., to achieve numerical control integrated development.
The numerical control of equipment has become an important development trend. Industrial developed countries attach great importance to the development of high-tech equipment. After more than a decade of development in China's equipment manufacturing industry, the proportion of CNC equipment in the domestic market has been continuously improved, and has formed a strong innovation capability. A relatively solid foundation. The release and implementation of the Plan will further advance the numerical control of equipment. Luo Baihui said that China's equipment manufacturing can achieve mold manufacturing, metal processing and other typical industries in 2020 equipment numerical control rate reached 70%. The realization of numerical control equipment development and extension services capabilities significantly enhanced, continue to train a large number of can operate on CNC equipment and Skilled personnel for maintenance. Achieve wide application of CNC equipment, increase production efficiency in key application areas by more than 20%, and reduce energy and resource consumption by more than 30%.
At present, China is in the period of numerical control, industrialization, informationization, marketization, and internationalization, and the economic and social structure is facing a major transformation. Therefore, whether it is a mold enterprise or a casting enterprise, we must rely on the development of science and technology to stimulate the vitality of the enterprise, and accelerate the transition from tracking and imitating to independent innovation.

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